Monday, July 11, 2011

Fabric Painting: Constructing a Portrait Quilt--Part Five

Today was my painting day.  I had mixed success.  I practiced first with the sky fabric on two small swatches.  Then I painted the sky on fabric of the right length, but I liked my practice pieces better! Then I painted the water, and I was not at all happy with it. Next I practiced again with a totally different mixture of colors for the sand.  The small practice swatch for the sand turned out well.  But now I'm not sure I remember just what the mix of paint was for that.  I was tired by that point and not paying much attention to my mixing, just a dab of this and that.  I need to achieve two or three different colors of sand, however, so perhaps the small piece will work for the smallest area of sand.

The book SKYDYES by Mickey Lawler is excellent, and without it I wouldn't have known where to start.

I'm eager to get back to this as soon as I can.  Meanwhile, here are my results,  some so-so, some not even that, and one I really like!

The sky piece--this is okay, but I think I can do better, so
I'll probably do yet another piece for the sky.

My water--definitely unhappy with this.  The color will allow Dawson's
shirt to show up, but that's about all positive that one can say about it.  I think I can
do better next time!  I need to keep the base color gray, but I
think some darker lines of water and some lines of white for waves will
greatly improve it.

The sand.  Very happy with this.  Just hope I can replicate the color when I paint
a larger piece of fabric!


  1. Carry on, Alice. Your sky reminds me of the sky I painted at that art class last summer :). I'm not saying if that's good or bad. ss

  2. Hi, Alice. I definitely like the sand. The sky is interesting. I've seen skies something like that, so I think you have a good start there. The water, I agree. It looks polluted. Waves and white caps would help. Go for it!