Thursday, July 7, 2011

Constructing a Portrait Quilt--Part Three

Today I followed the same procedure described in Part Two and made two more cloth "paper dolls" of the other two grandsons.  Here's an image:

Malcolm in green shorts and Locke in blue
At this point, there is no shading on the boys' bodies, and thus is is hard to see the definition of the boys' arms.  And in the case of Locke on the right, his two legs are not defined.  This will be done by adding in shadows or shading, where they appear in the photo on which this quilt is based.  None of the boys have shoes, either, but it is easier to add the shoes after the boys have been fused to the background, yet to be constructed.

In the first quilt of these boys, I had a difficult time getting Dawson's and Malcolm's hands to look right.  I finally gave up on Dawson's on quilt #1 and just added a version of Locke's hand to Dawson's arm! One reason I wanted to make this quilt a big larger than the first, though, was to have a bit more room with which to work on their hands.  I will have to do some colored pencil or Sharpie work however, to complete the hands, again to define the fingers.  Dawson's feet in the first quilt--bare in the photo--were hard, too, and I wasn't ever happy with them.  They looked more like hoofs than feet to me!  This time I may just add shoes to his feet, to make this job easier!

I did add the spade already to Malcolm, as it is crucial to have it in order for his right hand to look right.  Clicking on the photo might bring these areas into closer focus.  Here's a cropped picture of Malcolm that you might be able to click on to see better what I meant about the hand and the little spade!

Here's another of just Locke.  I had to do his hair twice (using some of the Stonehenge fabric mentioned in the last post), and I'm still not 100% happy with it.  At least I got the lighter areas of the fabric at the top of his head, where in the photo his hair does appear lighter.  I had to make his shorts twice, before I was pleased with the result.  I'll a bit of shading to them, too, to show where the two legs of the shorts separate.

And now here are all three boys.  Next, I'l work on the background, but that must wait for my new fabric paints to arrive in the mail!

Lake Michigan Beach Boys


  1. Great, Alice. I'm so proud of you for making this darling art quilt AGAIN. Google still won't let me comment. ss

  2. Good for you, making such progress. If you are bothered by Locke's hair, I think you could chip the piece up more but there is something nice in having it treated as the others' heads are. I am amazed by your energy and diligence on this and so many more things!

  3. I am following your progress, and it is very interesting how you are solving each problem.
    I enjoy clicking on the pictures to understand the details.