Sunday, September 15, 2013

Two Geckos--My Latest 12"x12" Quilt for the Material Mavens Blog

Today is the Reveal Day for the Material Mavens internet art quilting blog that is so dear to my heart!  the theme this time was "Green."  As soon as I learned what the theme was, I knew that at long last I could make a lizard quilt.  Lizards of all kinds fascinate me, but dearest to my heart are the little green geckos that so often appear on either our door or window screens.  So I planned to base my quilt on these little lizards.

I found coloring book images of geckos and I traced them onto freezer paper and then cut them out to be patterns.  These I ironed to two different green batiks and cut them out, fusing them to the background.  The background fabric is another batik, black with jungle-like foliage in green and blue.

I decided to quilt this quilt by hand with embroidery stitches, and so I followed the designs in the background.  I beaded both geckos with tiny green beads and used orange ones for their eyes.

The backing for my quilt is a commercial print of lizards in many colors--a fabric I love and will use someday in a large quilt.  Below is a close-up of the quilt and then a view of the back of the quilt.
For the edges, I zig-zag stitched four times around the quilt--twice in black thread, once each in blue and green, using rayon thread for all.