Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Getting Caught Up!

I confess that I have neglected this blog!  Since I last posted, our art quilting blog has had five other themes--Modern, Neighbor, Time, Circle, Pun, and Doodle.

As I look at these quilts posted since my last blog post on this blog, I am struck by how much I like to use the color red!  Only one of the quilts below departs from that color.  That fact had never dawned on me until I started working on this post!

So, here are all the quilts I've made since my last post.  This has really been interesting and fun for me, to revisit all of these quilts.

My Modern quilt was called "Buttons on Silk.  I composed a "modern art" quilt using silk fabrics which had begun life as silk blouses!  I used the plackets from several of the blouses for the buttons.

The next theme was Neighbor:  After attending a workshop with Sheila Frampton-Cooper at Quilting Adventures in the spring of 2014, I constructed an abstract art quilt using "neighboring" colors.  Sheila taught us a technique for piecing curves that was extremely useful.  I put that technique into practice for this quilt which used colors that are "neighbors" on the color wheel.

My Time Quilt was called "Time in a Bottle," based on the Jim Croce song of the same name.  I assembled a still-life of watches suspended in bottles.  All of the watches are sentimental to me--an old man's pocket watch once given to me by my mother, the watch my parents gave me for my high school graduation, and a watch given to me by my daughter Susan.

For my Circle quilt, I composed a scenic quilt using as many circles as possible.  I named this quilt "How Many Circles?"

My own theme choice was Pun!  This at first seemed to throw the group, but I really think that everyone rose to the challenge and produced great quilts!  My own quilt was called "A Pair of Pears, Pared," and thus the title gives away the pun!

Our last theme was Doodle.  I chose to depict Yankee Doodle in my quilt: