Thursday, December 8, 2011

Surprise in the Midst of Drought, Number Two

Surprise in the Midst of Drought, #2

This is the second quilt I have made based on the photo I took during the hot summer drought of some brave little wild flower survivors!  A friend like my original quilt so much that she asked if she could buy it.  I didn't want to part with it, since it was the one I had done for my Material Mavens group, but I told her I'd love to make a second one for her, as a gift, not for her to purchase.

 I had lots of fun making the second quilt!  This is the second duplicate quilt I've made this year; the first one was the Michigan Beach Boys quilt, which was different in several ways from the first.  This one, too,  is NOT an exact duplicate.  I used the photo to guide me, not the first quilt.  So the flowers appear in different positions, and I included more of the green leaves.

Just to compare, here is Surprise in the Midst of Drought, Number One below.  I took this photo outside, and it's interesting to me that the hand stitching seems to show up so much better in this one than in Number Two:

Surprise in the Midst of Drought, #1

So now I'll who a photo of Number Two, taken outside, to see if the stitching shows up better than in the one I took inside, beside a bright window, using no flash.  Here's the outdoor shot of #2.  The colors are truer; definitely, I need always to take these little quilt's pictures outside on a bright, sunny day:

Outside shot:  Surprise in the Midst of Drought, #2

And now, just for fun, I'll reprint the photo on which these two quilts are based.  As you can see, I took great liberties with how I interpreted this photo in my little quilts.  In neither are the flower positioned as they are here and I didn't include nearly as many of the green leaves: