Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Latest Material Mavens Quilt--Strong Women

Strong Women
In Memory of Kathy--In Honor of Susan
As soon as I learned what the latest theme word was in my online quilting group, the Material Mavens, the phrase "strong women" came to mind.  At first I considered focusing my quilt on either or both of my grandmothers, remarkably strong and truly powerful women.  But then it occurred to me that I could focus on Kathy.  But why not Susan, too?  But how?  It occurred to me that with both of them being runners and Susan's being an avid tennis player, that could be the focus.

I found coloring book images that are copy-right free online.  I took my favorites and used them as patterns to cut out the silhouettes from black felt.  After I had quilted the background batik in a grid pattern, I adhered the silhouettes to the background with Wonder Under and then stitched around their edges.

In the narrative I wrote for the MM I discussed the multiple strengths of both my amazing daughters.  I won't repeat that narrative here--it can easily be accessed at

I'd love for readers of this blog to visit the MM one and see ALL the wonderful quilts, based on the theme word of "strong."

I chose a commercial fabric of young women swimming for an inside joke.  Again,
see the narrative on the MM blog!

Susan on the left, and Kathy on the right.  Photo taken in 2009 when the family and close friends gathered
for our wonderful 50th anniversary celebration.  Kathy, at that time, showed no signs of the depression that would eventually devastate her and take her from us.


  1. When I saw that blue/purple batik with the dark silhouettes, I thought, "HOORAY!" I felt it was such a direct, strong, image...a pleasure to look at. I love seeing the strength of play so graphically expressed.

  2. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  3. A loving tribute to your wonderful daughters. And yes, they do come from a long
    line of strong women in your family.