Wednesday, March 20, 2013

With Apologies to Robert Frost!

This bush of "knock out" pink roses was covered with blooms!
Our bushes of red knock outs aren't blooming yet.

Today is the first day of spring!  As I walked this morning, camera in my pocket, I snapped the few signs of spring that showed themselves.  Also as I walked, I thought of Robert Frost's poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening."  As I recited it to myself, I thought:  I could parody this poem!  Well, yes, but wow, is his rhyme scheme hard to pull off!

Despite the challenge,  I began the parody in my head while finishing my walk, but completed and tweaked it on the computer.  Here it is, and the snapshots that inspired it are above and below:

Whose yards these are I think I know.
Their owners are at work, although
They wouldn’t mind me stopping here
To snap these photos, even though

It’s early yet, so rather queer
To capture spring when it’s just here.
Most grass is brown and still looks dead,
But as I walk I see some dear,

Sweet blooms of yellow, pink, and red,
And even blue.  I need to spread
The news, to all make clear
Spring’s come!  This yellow, blue, and red

This pink—show that spring’s not near
But rather on this day, it’s here!
I go inside to sew and cheer:
Hurrah!   Truly spring is here!

When I passed by this tree yesterday, the scent of its blossoms
was heavenly!  Notice the blue, blue, cloudless, Texas

Petunias do well in Texas in the spring, but once summer
gets here--they usually don't survive.

This yellow "knock out" rose is the first to bloom on its bush.

From my computer desk, I can see this lovely
tree across the street.

Look closely!  These are the first blue bonnets I've seen so far.  Soon this field and
others will be covered!

My neighbor told me yesterday that these dianthus came up from
seed from last year's plants.  Though supposedly annuals,
dianthus survive here, after being cut back in the fall, to
bloom again the next spring.


  1. You have the fleurs and I have the snow...but lots of sun. Also you almost finished a quilt today. I think it is arty enough to post with these photos! Also, inspired, you did well on the parody. It will be awhile before I can show the pink and yellow.

  2. Alice, how clever of you to think of that parody and to combine it with the pictures of the flowers. I enjoyed it SO MUCH. Yippee. Spring has ALMOST been here too, but now it's winter again, and we are freezing...still can see pretty flowering bushes, trees, etc. but wonder why they are even here, just to be SNAPPED in the bud, I'm afraid. ss

  3. Alice, you're a genius! I love your pictures and am so jealous that you are on the cust of a splendid spring blooming season! The poem is darling. How can you remember a poem you conpose as you walk? I would have forgotten the first part before I even got back to the house.

  4. Hi Alice - Oh....I don't think you need to apologize at all to Robert Frost ! Your poem was absolutely lovely, and as mentioned in one of the earlier comments, I'm astounded that anyone can remember and recite a poem from memory..... my brain just doesn't work that way :-) I loved your photos and narrative, and I share with you the joy of the beautiful Spring weather we're having here in Central Texas. My Hibiscus are blooming, the Azaela have bloomed are are now retreating, the Iris and Day Lillies will burst forth into glorious colors within days !

    Thanks for sharing with all of us..... Happy Spring !

  5. Gorgeous! Oh! The bluebonnets are wonderful--like falling chunks of sky. I have a "Knockout"; she is always my first rose--though in this mild winter she and her sisters never stopped blooming. I love the poem--I sneak pictures all the time! Part of the fun.