Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Daydream Quilt: Grandchildren's Daydreams

July 15 was Reveal Day for my internet art quilting group, The Material Mavens.  Our theme this time was Daydream.  I really had a hard time with this theme.  What I realized was that I really don't, as an adult, daydream all that much, not like I used to as a child!

I decided, then, to portray my four grandchildren and show them daydreaming with "thought bubbles" as in cartoons.  I know well what all four of them most like about their lives right now, and so I showed Lia daydreaming about getting together with her friends.  Her brother Locke daydreams about the swim meets he is in every weekend (ones he usually gets blue ribbons for!)  And brothers Malcolm and Dawson are avid and expert baseball players, both playing this summer on two different teams, Little League and travel teams.  And so Malcolm pictures himself pitching (as he often did for his L.L. team) and Dawson plays catcher, which has become a favorite position for him.

I chose various brown fabrics for my brunette grandsons, and Lia's near-blonde hair is depicted with the gold swirly fabric.  The four children wear t-shirts of various colors.

I felt so lucky that I had on hand fabrics printed with young girls socializing, boys playing baseball, and boys swimming!  After adhering Wonder Under to these fabrics, I cut out the motifs and fused them to some left-over pieces of crazy-quilted white on white fabrics, which I cut into circles.  These circles were then fused down to the sky-painted background.  I zig-zagged stitched around the bigger appliques and also did some machine quilting to the sky.


  1. You certainly had perfect novelty fabrics on hand to portray the daydreaming....and I love the repetition of roundish heads with similar shapes in the thought bubbles and the dots leading to the dreams. The cut out dreams have an amusing movement to the which activates the spaces. You must have been tempted to put in one mohawk.

  2. I can't believe I missed this blog! I'm so glad I discovered it in my "catch-up" mode. This is a darling idea, Alice, superbly done, as always. ss

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