Thursday, February 9, 2012

P.S. to Vincent's Chair: The Quilt's Back

I forgot to say anything in my last post about the back of my Vincent’s Chair quilt.  I deliberately used a fabric that might seem rather discordant, but as a matter of fact, it has a connection to the front.  Provence is famous for its fabrics.  I associate blue and yellow prints with this part of France.  In fact, while in Arles, my sister-in-law and I did a bit of shopping, and I bought some blue and yello Provençal fabric which I am saving for some special project.  I also bought two table cloths and a set of napkins.

So it was fun for me to look through my stash of blue and yellow prints to find one to put on the back of this Provençal quilt of Vincent’s Chair!  This piece was not bought in Provence, but it fits right in.

The back looks a bit odd, with the varying colors of the binding, but of course, they were chosen (as explained in the former post) from the fabrics that lay along the borders of the quilt.


  1. Perfect for Vincent. Your Vincent's Chair makes me think of this video that my sister sent to me.

  2. Yes, I can see how the backing fabric could remind you of Provence. I also watched Trilla's suggested video. Very soothing, although while watching and listening, I wondered what van Gogh was thinking and feeling while he painted.