Monday, August 8, 2011

Portrait Quilt: Part Nine--Finished at Last!

Today was a red letter day.  I finished sewing down the binding on the back of the quilt.  My good friend Judy quilted it for me.  I had quilted the first quilt I made from this photo, but time was running short and I had another quilt to finish for yet another birthday present.  (This portrait quilt is for our daughter's 40th birthday.  Her two sons are the little boys on the left, with their cousin on the right.)

Anyway, here it is, finished at last!

And now, here are some close-up views of the quilt:


  1. I wish I could see Susan' ace when you show it to her - the boys' too. What fun! Again, CONGRATULATIONS. C'EST FINI! VOILA!MERVEILLEUX !ss

  2. No wonder you are excited. You are always thrilled with the super quilting jobs Judy does...but to see your hard work completed...FABulous!!
    Congratulations. Will Susan see it before she comes home?

  3. Congratulations, Alice! It's wonderful! I love the varied colors of sand, of sky, of water. The shadows on the boys' backs. The quilting. Just super. What more can I say?! Wonderful, wonderful!